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Where to buy BACKWOODS Online

Where to buy BACKWOODS Online are a brand of cigars produced in the United States beginning in 1973. Also which became one companies at the time reacted to changing laws and cultural views on public health and the smoking culture. Second, this allowed their new products to be advertised to the television-viewing public without violating the new ordinance enacted by President Nixon. Moreover smokes were designed to have a rustic, “manly” appeal to them.

Backwoods Flavors

What kinds of Backwoods tobacco flavors will you find on this best types of Backwoods list?. Original Wild N’ Mild is available in packs of singles, three, and five cigars. First, Honey bourbon is one of Backwoods most popular limited edition cigar flavor. And it’s s Russian cream variety is a rarity as well. Furthermore Other good flavors include dark stout, whiskey, also banana, ice wine, port porto, and honey berry.

Order Backwoods Online

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