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Order Kandypens Crystal Online.

Order KandypensCrystal Online. The KandyPens CRYSTAL is a premium vape pen suitable for concentrates, wax, and extracts. The American-made pen vaporizer features a quartz wax atomizer, providing an even vaporizing without contaminations. On the other hand, the atomizer comes with multiple tiny air-holes, allowing better airflow that results in better vaporization.

Firstly, KandyPens is a well-known concentrate vaporizer maker originated from the USA; the Crystal vaporizer emerged in 2019 as the award-winning vaporizer from its smooth crystal-clear tasting vapor. Well, there is no such thing as Guinness book of records for vape, but it is from vaping community itself.

The KandyPens Crystal may not seem so unique among other vape pens, but not many small and portable devices like this support pass-through charging as it did. A great contender to the Crystal vaporizer would be the Prism vaporizer, which is from the same company.

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